Welcome to NuVisions Consulting Group!

At NuVisions, we strive to make your nonprofit and startup a success by taking your passions and innovations and turning them into dynamic full-service dreams.

Below is a list of our Nonprofit services and pricing. This list is by no means an exhaustive list and all pricing is subject to change depending on the scope of the project. Please reach out to your account representative for further details.

We have set hourly fees that we require a minimum of 3-hour blocks of time, monthly, or you can hire out on a project by project basis. Each project price is subject to change depending on the scope of the project involved. All monthly fees are on a month to month and can be canceled at any time with a written 30-day notice.

Nonprofit Organizations:

Set up and Guidance.                                   

We are here to provide you support and guidance along the way or we can take the wheel.

Hourly $60 @3-hour block monthly, or a one-time guidance fee

 Complete set up contact for pricing


                We offer monthly ongoing consultations in blocks of time to help guide you as you progress on your nonprofit journey. You can ask for ongoing monthly or one-time consultations at any times.

                Hourly $60 @ 3-hour block

                Hourly $60 @ 4-hour block

                Hourly $60 @ 5-hour block

Program Development and Evaluation

                Each program is unique and should be tailored to specific demographics. We can help you develop strong programs to benefit you clientele and to acquire the foundational funding to keep your programs going.

                Pricing will vary depending on the scope of the projects

Program Evaluation       

Hourly $60 @3-hour blocks monthly, or a one-time guidance fee

Marketing and Fund Development

                Marketing and Fund Development go hand in hand. We will help you development a strong strategic plan to maximize your organizations community impact.

                                Pricing will vary depending on the scope of the projects

Organizational restructuring

Making sure your organization in all its components is running as smoothly as possible is not always easy. We are here to help you make sure you have the tools you need to keep your organization going in the most efficient way possible while keeping minimal disruption to the staff and clientele. That can mean evaluating the staff, programs, systems, development, PR and board.


Hourly $100 hour @5-hour blocks

Package to be determined based upon the scope of the project.

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