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May 26, 2010

Press Releases, styles, and the importance of an extensive database

At one time, press releases were a part of the realm of print media. To some degree they still are, but the advent of the internet has broadened the broadcast range of press releases from newspapers and trade journals to niche industry blogs and websites as well.  Press releases have only become more powerful tools within the past ten years, rather than declining in relevancy.

What makes a press release different than any newsworthy announcement is the fact that press releases follow a specific format that allows them to be readily picked up by various news agencies. As technology and broadcast potential have expanded, press release styles have stayed more or less the same, allowing for some variations for subject matter. For example, a product launch press release may differ in format from a medical release. Different industries may also make better use of certain elements, such as quotes.

One thing that is true for all press releases is that a truly successful release will include some sort of element that is interesting enough to share as a newsworthy event.  For this reason, a press release should tell not only the when, who, and why, but also how this news will impact future business and client relations, or future research.

Another element that is integral to the success of a press release is distribution. While there are many places online to release press releases for free, often you get what you pay for. Nothing. Without access to information on journalists, news organizations, speaking events, and media outlets, it can be difficult to get a release the kind of attention it requires to make an impact.

A well organized database of journalists is one necessity for a wide distribution. A database, such as that offered by NuVisions will be able to provide detailed information about journalists, including their recent publications, and preferred method of contact.  This comprehensive database is continuously checked and updated to ensure that all the information is accurate and current.

In addition to sending out press releases to the right journalists, a powerful database can also tap into the power of the web, by linking users with influential industry bloggers, website owners, and key social media users. Detailed pitching profiles allow PR leaders to directly look for the journalists and writers who will be most interested and inclined to share their content.

The expansive database NuVisions offers will also provide information on current editorial calendars, speaking opportunities around the globe, and includes an awards database. That means that with timely alerts and information, PR teams can make sure their information is at the forefront of their industry news consistently throughout the year. A database devoted to distributing news can ensure that there is no missed opportunity, or that no time is wasted pitching news to uninterested parties. Press releases can always land in just the right hands in a timely fashion.

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May 12, 2010

How Big Businesses use Social Media

It’s no secret that social media is the next wave of innovation on the internet. Already the use of social media services has spread far beyond individual users to become one of the prominent methods of advertising for big businesses. How do these large corporations use Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to gain brand recognition and drive sales?

To understand how social media can drive leads and brand recognition, it’s important to understand the strengths of social media sites. Social media works by providing a broadcast channel where one person may reach many at one time. In addition, as information is distributed to various networks within the social media platform, it can be shared virally from network to network.

To use a practical example, let’s assume that a company wishes to advertise an in-store promotion. They may post a coupon code in Facebook that can be redeemed in the store. The company will distribute their coupon to everyone on the list of the person sending it. A loyal customer may then share the coupon with all their friends, and several of those recipients may do the same. The end result may be that an ad sent out to 50 people reaches a million in the end. By sharing exclusive information online, many companies can drive sales by sparking the interest of old and new customers, or by attracting bargain hunters.

Social media may also play a large role in brand awareness, and reputation management. By putting a human face on a corporate entity, companies can connect on a more personal level with clients. Representatives of the company may give interested readers regular updates via a blog, or Twitter account. By remaining active in the social sphere their clients inhabit, companies can stay frequently on the minds of their customers. This is the cornerstone of brand awareness. Never allow a customer to forget about you.

The only caveat of using social media as a tool to drive sales is the fact that results are very hard to quantify. It can be very difficult for companies to find metrics for success, or to connect social media broadcast range with leads and sales. Few companies can truly place a figure on the return of social media work. That’s why for most companies who wish to use social media, the best approach is a consistent, low investment approach. Having an employee make a ‘Tweet’ once a day, or ensuring that all blog updates are shared to a Facebook fan page, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a good start. Another method of tracking the source of leads or sales is to place a promotion on a social media service that is available nowhere else. When customers take advantage of the promotion, the source will be very evident.

Until there are clear methods of making use of social media for sales purposes, the best use of this technology is in brand recognition and reputation management, because only through this channel is it possible to engage with the customer directly.

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January 16, 2010

It’s not your normal everyday Public Relations services!

NuVisions proudly announces that we have expanded our public relations departments services to include this new state of the art database. No more spending $250 per press release and hoping some secretary doesn’t throw it away or put you in the spam folder. We reach the executive directors directly using their preferred method of delivery giving you the opportunity of getting noticed! No more paying tens of thousands of dollars each year for social media brand or analytical reporting. Now you can get weekly reports for one yearly fee. Here at NuVisions we’ve held to the motto that anyone no matter your budget can find help making your organization soar. We offer each service as a small one time YEARLY fee wit the option to combine services into a one time yearly package fee. And what’s even better is this software works with your existing marketing or public relations department. Take a look below to see all the new goodies we now can offer you in your quest to be the best in your industry.Contact a NuVisions organization representative to find out more.

Public Media Database 

The NuVisions Premium Media Database is simply the most comprehensive media database in the industry. Our database is filled with detailed information about more than 1.4 million global and nearly 1 million US media contacts, media outlets, bloggers and analysts as well as publicity opportunities such as editorial calendars, awards, conferences and tradeshows… (Click the download above for complete details) or visit the public relations tab.

NuVisions News On Demand 

NuVisions News-On-Demand is the first electronic news monitoring service to be designed and offered as an integrated feature of a complete PR management system. Created and priced to meet the unique needs of organizations of all sizes, NuVisions News-On-Demand delivers breaking news from over 51,000 US and international print, broadcast, blogs and online news sources. NuVisions News-On-Demand monitors newspapers, magazines, newsletters, trade publications, television, wire services and Web content. And only NuVisions fully integrates news monitoring with the software tools you need to analyze and share news throughout your entire organization… (Click the download above for complete details)

Social Media

The prevalence of social media has not just grown but exploded. Millions of conversations are taking place online. Company reputations are being helped or harmed hourly…and all in 140 characters. As a PR professional, you can’t afford to let the conversations happen without you!

NuVisions is the only fully integrated PR software solution that empowers you to engage, monitor and analyze traditional media, bloggers and the world of social media… (Click the download above for complete details)

Email Campaigns 

Imagine how much more effective your PR campaigns could be if you could see which journalists opened and read your communications. Now you can— in real time! With NuVisions Email Campaigns, you can track recipient’s actions in real time so you know instantly who is reading your release and who is requesting information, helping you perform more effective outreach. NuVisions Email Campaigns enable you to make the most of your press releases by making it easy for recipients to request follow-up or download press kits, photos, bios, etc…(Click the download above for complete details)

Online Newsroom 

We hear it from customers all the time: a professional online newsroom generates more media coverage. How? By giving journalists automated 24/7 access to your breaking news, press releases, executive bios, photos and other corporate collateral. Your newsroom is a resource that journalists will come to rely on for current information about your organization… (Click the download above for complete details)

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